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DIALOG creates great communicationwith both customers and partners. Because with great partners the sky’s the limit.

We’re committed to the following partnerships:

at.net websolutions

Founded in 2007, at.net websolutions offers effective Internet solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies. This starts with simple websites and extends all the way to the creation of large-scale complex websites with a content management or shop system. The company`s expertise lies in the needs-based conceptualisation and technological execution for Typo3-supported websites - the most widely used content management system in Germany today. But the company also works with shop systems such as Oxid or XT:Commerce, and has, up until now, implemented hundreds of web projects, most of which are hosted and administered on in-house servers.

Call Center Verband Deutschland e.V.

The Call Center Verband Deutschland e. V. (German Call Center Association) is the special interest group of the German call-centre sector and is listed with the German federal parliament (Bundestag). With its 350 members, it represents some 35% of existing German call-centre jobs. It brings together the interests of the constantly evolving call-centre industry and represents them to the media, multipliers, politicians and lawmakers. It serves as a mirror to the German call-centre sector as well as independent consultants and solution providers.


The Call Center CLUB addresses all those working in the dialogue marketing sector. A large network, it serves to regionally and globally interconnect and inform employees and executives from the call-centre sphere, as well as their suppliers. In addition, consultants, service providers and dealers have joined this group with the goal of getting the very most out of what this strong service centre network has to offer.

InnovationPoint e.V.

InnovationPoint is a high-power trade association for the automobile trade and automotive sector. Its goal is to initiate, implement and secure crucial changes in the industry for its long-term sustainability. With this objective in mind, InnovationPoint brings together the expertise of established companies and experts whose skills complement each other in an ideal manner. InnovationPoint possesses valuable methodological knowledge and numerous years of experience from this sector for the success of the automotive trade.

Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW)

The Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) is a private state accredited university of applied sciences in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Founded in 1993, it was one of the first private universities in Germany. FHDW’s formula for success lies in the combination of theory and practice. There are now more than 2,000 students enrolled at the different campuses in the cities of Paderborn, Bergisch Gladbach, Bielefeld, Marburg and Mettmann. The university offers Dual Bachelor Programmes as well as part-time programmes (Bachelor, Master and MBA). During the Dual Bachelor Programme, the students alternate between theoretical phases at the Fachhochschule and internships in partner companies. Since 2018, Jäger + Schmitter DIALOG GmbH has been one of those partner companies which uses FHDW to recruit young staff.

neugeschaeft GmbH

neugeschaeft GmbH is a data expert specializing in intelligent information systems and digital services for high-quality business information that can support efficient customer acquisition and retention management. Knowing one’s existing and prospective customers extremely well and understanding their specific needs—this is at the very core of the consultancy and service business. Increasingly, the digital age is witnessing the development of tools which, by means of intelligent processes, enable the aggregation, networking and preparation of information. These tools serve to create an optimal customer approach. As a data and analysis specialist, neugeschaeft GmbH supports companies with up-to-the-minute business information, sales expertise and an extensive portfolio of solutions for customer acquisition and optimal market exploitation.

Steinaecker Consulting

Steinaecker Consulting, founded in 2010, is a consultancy providing expertise in after sales, customer relationship management, social media marketing, and sales. Its focus is on the development and implementation of relevant strategies and measures for the automotive trade, automobile manufacturers, as well as suppliers, service providers and software producers for the automotive market. Its service range covers everything from conceptual design and introduction of data processing systems (CRM systems, in particular) to the management of its clients’ social media presences.


The Wortschleife provides superior German-to-English translations, English copywriting and consulting around all things marketing. With two captains at the helm - one native German and one native English speaker - the Wortschleife possesses a unique skill set of solid international marketing experience, unparalleled linguistic expertise and a keen feel for words. And they know the power of communication. The passion they invest in their work translates into impeccable English websites, brochures, company presentations and PR materials - enabling their international-minded clients to confidently step onto the global stage. Wortschleife. Simply exquisite English.