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In the words of our staff

This is what our colleagues say about DIALOG:

Thorsten M.:

"Before I started working for DIALOG, I did not know the call center trade at all. The informal and easygoing atmosphere here wowed me. Here, you quickly become attached to the place and the people. This company seems to attract a unique kind of people. I have never experienced anything like it in my whole career."

Anja E.:

"Team spirit and diversity - this is what characterises daily work at DIALOG. You are encouraged to play an active part in the company in so many ways. Finding solutions for the customer's wishes and to serve them from the first contact onwards is an especially satisfying facet of my work." 

Iris W.:

"I was completely ravished by the amazing setting of the courtyard! Most of my friends have to work in dull office blocks and me... I get to work here: Cool! Back then and nowadays I have always worked in teams with fantastic peers and really nice superiors. I started here 14 years ago as a customer care agent in the automotive sector. I have always had the impression, that I truly could help the customers with my professional competence. These days, I am mainly responsible for the organisation and handling of events. What I especially like about my work are my colleagues. We are a relatively small team, that really goes well together. I certainly also like the immediate contact with our customers. One of our main clients once sent a bouquet of flowers to my colleague and me, because we took such good care of his cutomer."

Mareike K.:

"A beautiful, well-kept site... I got to know DIALOG by chance, through an acquaintance. Over the years I have worked in many units. I have learned a lot, growing with each task. I got to know many nice people and have witnessed lavish celebrations. To work in a team is great: We help each other wherever possible. Currently, I work in a very big, rather complex field of work with quite a bit of individual responsitility. I attend customers from the start, both via phone and in writing."

Monika D.:

"Taking an aktive part in the further development of our company is especially important at DIALOG. If you want to, you can come up with your own ideas and really set things in motion. The different teams are a colorful mix of people. They are all real individuals, with their distinctive personalities and all their rough edges. What I also like: to be able to combine career with family life."